Slayer Paris
Superheroine World
The ongoing and perilous adventures of the sexy vampire slayer Paris, as she and her friends try to fend off the forces of darkness! Erotic vampire horror, action, comedy, with emphasis on fighting and sexual peril! A genuine ongoing storyline energizes this, our flagship site!  
The perils and defeats of some of the sexiest superheroines on the web! Watch as such characters as Empire Girl, Moon Child, and America Girl are brutally and repeatedly bested by their villainous adversaries! Fighting, bondage, and sexual peril abound!
Hawk Heroines
Mina the Witch
The most powerful superheroine team on the planet endures brutal and humiliating defeat in this erotic adventure series! Watch as Crimson Hawk and her team of sexy heroines are repeatedly destroyed by the malicious Dr. Dread and his various minions of evil!  
The ongoing saga of "Slayer Paris" continues in this, our first spinoff series, featuring the young witch Mina, who must battle against evil, supernatural, and frequently lusty foes! Will Mina be able to fulfill her mission and protect the Slayer??
Fembot World

A lone female vampire moonlighting as an exorcist searches the world for others of her kind. Is she the last vampire? What keys to her past does the supernatural underworld hold? What unspeakable horrors do her demonic foes have in store for her?

Fembots and Cyber girls!! Featuring female robots in all sorts of sexy and compromising situations! Also featuring the comicbook adventures of Cyber Blue, the big-breasted, big-booty, monster-fighting cyborg who always seems to be ravaged by her foes!
Agent Eve
Kung Fu Catfights
Follow the adventures of Eve, a genetically-engineered super soldier gone rogue! Out for revenge, Eve must seek out and defeat the military operatives who betrayed her! But will they find her first?!  
Sexy kung fu masters with remarkable powers battle in this fetishy homage to the old Shaw Brothers movies. What humiliations and disgrace await the defeated?


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